Turtle Tracker

Streamlined, simple, and intuitive data collection and maintenance for sea turtle researchers

Turtle Tracker is a web-based data management system for collecting and analyzing sea turtle nesting and tagging data, which can be  customized to meet your specific needs. You can collect, view, and report on all of your sea turtle data, exactly how you want. The data and site are optimized to ensure the easiest and most accurate data entry for your staff and users - and it's just as easy to find specific data too. Access your data anywhere - login credentials define what each user can see and modify.

Please give us a call for more information, or view the whitepaper PDF/presentation below.

"Turtle Tracker has been an amazing step forward for our program. It has streamlined our data entry and management because it catches and prevents common errors. It's ease of use has given staff and volunteers of all ages access to data like never before while still ensuing quality of data."

- Melissa Bernhard

Mote Marine Laboratory

Senior Staff Biologist

Administrators can "approve" activities, to ensure all data has been entered properly.

Administrators can "approve" activities, to ensure all data has been entered properly.

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Want to find out more? Send us a quick email, and we'd be happy to demo the product, or discuss how we can customize the interface and database specifically to your needs.

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All Data at Your Fingertips

View all associated data for each activity

All data associated with each activity (nest, false crawl, etc.) is available on a single, easy to navigate screen.

Reporting and Data Analysis

Reporting tools make it simple to find and display the exact data you define.

Easily and quickly view the results of your diligent efforts: Monitored, Inventory, Daily Excavation, Weekly Summary, and more.

Simple Navigation

Display custom information to your users. Logins determine what each user can see and do.

Quickly get to where you need to be, to add new activities, or find existing ones. Administrators can restrict access to different users and groups, so people can only access the data you want them to see.

Find Your Data

Specify search criteria (including text searches) to locate matching records.

Quickly search, and refine your search, so you can locate the exact records you are looking for.

Associated Data

Associate all pertinent data (obstructions, disorientations, etc.) back to each activity .

All associated data is available for each activity, including: Obstructions, Drops and Hatches, Disorientations, Water and Human Damage, Tags, Samples, Relocations, Depredations, Excavations, Uploads, and more.

Mobile Friendly

View and modify records on any smart device.

View and manage your data from anywhere using any smart device. You can now view and edit live data directly in the field!

...And Much More!

This is just a small sample of all the capabilities of the Turtle Tracker System. Want to find out more? Request more information, and we'd be happy to demo the site, and discuss how we can customize the interface and database specifically to your needs.

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Resources and Downloads

Take a closer look at all of the features of the Sea Turtle Database System.

Turtle Tracker PowerPoint (pptx)


Turtle Tracker Whitepaper Presentation (pdf)


Turtle Tracker Flyer (pdf)