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Custom Application Development

AIT software developers use a proven development methodology that emphasizes short iterative cycles and efficient resource management to deliver projects on-time and within budget. AIT has years of experience with multiple development environments, platforms and database packages. No matter how multifaceted the challenge, we can develop a technically-sound solution.    Request Quote


Custom Reporting

The best data is only useful only if you can display the information efficiently. Our customized software comes with a variety of reporting mechanisms as appropriate. But, even when you've found that perfect software, it may not have the perfect reports. We can also create custom reports to work with your existing software.   Request Quote


Custom Web Applications

Many software products are not easily linked to your website for data updates. AIT can bring your web pages to life by customizing your software to give your website real time updates and data. Varied databases and reports are easily linked to the internet while still retaining protected data. Allow us to show you the possibilities.   Request Quote


System Integration

AIT can work with off-shelf software and legacy systems to integrate a complete solution for your organization. Our consultants analyze your business and technology requirements, and recommend the most appropriate combination of the off-the-shelf and custom application development on a case-by-case basis.   Request Quote


Database Integration

High performance, reliable databases are an essential component in eBusiness solutions. Our database developers build sophisticated and logical relational databases that enable the efficient storage and structured retrieval of information.   Request Quote



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