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AIT provides application development, interactive design and creative business solutions for our clients.

Whether you're adding to existing software or designing a package from scratch, if it is financial or inventory tracking, database or client management; AIT works directly with you to meet your needs head on. 

Having finely tuned software allows our clients to affordably focus on their business without worrying about meeting software demands.   Our Services

 maninhall.jpgWhat does this mean for you?

You picture it - you dream it - we bring it to life. No longer  will the confines of general packaging trap you again. Having software work for you has never been this affordable.

The question to ask yourself - how much will it cost you to not customize. How much are you willing to continue to pump into software not designed specifically for you?

Many times companies do not realize that with increased costs for packaged software - i.e. licensing - is really where they are losing money. When AIT's competitive rates and solid programming can bring you tailored success while costing you less.

There are no hidden fees, no sudden additions or taxes and fees. AIT will bring you an itemized proposal showing what the expectations are along with the possible margins of change. Any time AIT sees a possible future change - you will be directly notified before any changes occur. At which point you can make the decision.  Our Services


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